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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women. >> good afternoon it is sunday october 23. i'm nydia han along with gray hall. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," both donald trump and hillary clinton continue to press for votes in the keystone state as clinton's
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lead is growing. >> one person is hurt in a west philadelphia house fire. >> the nittany lions pull off a shock win bethany their biggest rivals. those stories, but first, let's go outside to chris sowers, it's nice out there, chris. >> reporter: i can't make up my mind if i'm cold yet. have you ever been like that. we have gusts winds whipping around, 45 miles per hour in the poconos. wrightstown, # 2. wildwood, same number, doylestown 30-mile an hour wind gusts this morning. now we're seeing 20s an 30s. the winds are whipping out of the west 29 in philadelphia. 26 in millville. cape may, 24. if we had not had the winds it will feel wonderful out here, temperatures are in the low
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060s. 59 in philadelphia. 60 is the number for trenton and allentown. 61 in reading, lancaster, wilmington, dover, and millville. and cape may, 58. so it's not a bad day, just a little windy. salt sat and radar, showing a good combination of sun an clouds that's pretty much how it will play out the rest of the day. if you have not already done so, you're heading to link financial field. keep something with sleeves handy because it is a little blustery, seasonable warm, temperatures in the low 0s. look for a combination of sun and clouds. could the wind wreak havoc with the kicking game in this game? we'll see what happens, but one thing is for certain with gusts up to 20, 30 miles per hour that's strong enough to carry a football. we'll see. when i come back in just a few minutes we're talking about the coldest air so far, as well as frost in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> chris, thank you. the presidential campaign trail is going through the
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philadelphia area again today. >> indeed it is, hours after democratic nominee hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine addressed a rally at the university of pennsylvania, two more party vips are in town. bob brooks is at philadelphia community college where jill biden and tim kaine's wife are right now. >> this rally will start any minute. the crowd and he coulding to be smaller than that at u-penn where hillary clinton spoke to almost 8,000 people. about 12 hours ago, the clinton campaign rallied at u-penn. this morning they are back this time at the philadelphia communities college they are setting up for jill biden and tim kaine's wife. there were under 8,000 attendees at penn park. people here just as passionate
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about the issues. they want to hear about a clinton cold front kaine administration. >> i'm concerned about the rhetoric that's used in the election. hillary tried to get across last night even trying to connect with those supporting her arrival, donald trump. >> it's not too late to stage an intervention. [laughter]. friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> reporter: another rally set to start any minute, we'll run inside to hear that, but first there's a new abc national poll that has come out, hillary clinton has a 20 point lead. thank you for the update.
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donald trump laid out his vision for his first 100 days in office during his stop in gettysburg. the gop nominee said he wants term limits on the members of congress. and lift restrictions on domestic energy production and labeled china as a currency manipulator. >> an economic plan to grow the economy 4% a year and create 25 million new jobs through mass irving tax reduction. at the rally trump doubled down on the terror and immigration policy. he plans to sue ten women accusing him of past sexual misconduct. he called them liars out to hurt his campaign. pat toomey katie mcginty race for senate continues to draw national attention. republican pat toomey is fighting to keep his seat for a second term. on friday he picked up the endorsement of the fraternal
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order of police. katie mcginty who is trying to unseat toomey got campaign help from vice president joe biden. it's a close race and contentious one. you can see them square off again tomorrow night live right here on 6abc. toomey mcginty debates live from temple university at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, "action news" anchor, jim gardner is moderator. on to the eagles, the birds need a win, but they will to get past the nfl, the winningist quarterback, sam bradford. >> jamie apody is live from the linc. this is a huge game. you don't want to call it a must-win, but with the eagles having lost two straight in a winnable division for them. they have to get back on track and what better way to do in a statement against the team that has not lost against the
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minnesota vikings. they are wearing their black uniforms, they are highlighted by pink because eagles tackle breast cancer, as well. they are on the field warming up, getting ready. we have not seen sam bradford. we are familiar with the quarterback be he was here a couple of months ago, now he is undefeated. today sam bradford and carson wentz taking center stage. whole come out on top, the rookie or the returning veteran. >> i know there will be peripheral stuff said or written about these two, whoever plays this and whoever wins, this and that, i get all that. >> it's the vikings versus the eagles they are coming in here and it will be a good one. >> i think i owe it to the guys in our locker room to not try to do anything special or extra. you get caught up in everything
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that's going on outside the building, when you get caught up, when things outside of football, that's when things conclude wrong. what a matchup this will be today, of course we'll have complete coverage tonight on what's hopefully an eagles victory on "action news" sports sunday. i'll have a report from the field. check this out, i got to love this, because you see a lot of eagles green, here's some north dakota state bison green and yellow. carson wentz and fargo, north dakota taking over the link. hopefully they will see the rookie quarterback beat the veteran sam bradford. eagles tackling breast cancer day, and eagles have an extra set of good luck because sitting in the front row is all everything, best basketball player on the planet, mike trout cheering them on in an eagles
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sweatshirt. take his mvment -- mojony day. a is woman is in critical condition after a fire in her home. her dog was rescued and treated. a woman trmed inside was -- trapped inside rescued with burns over most of her body. she is in serious condition. there were no working smoke detecters. fire investigators believe a fire in the 5,000 block of race street is suspicious. one man was hurt and taken to pen presbyterian for the stream. it is believed squatters were living in the home and may be responsible for the fire. police were forced to shoot
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an kill a dog after it turned on its owner. around 8:00 a.m., 950-year-old man was walking the -- a 50-year-old man was walking the dog, it was a stray, the dog turned on him and bit him in the face. the dog continued to attack, they shot it. security issue delayed travelers on a philadelphia to boston american airlines flight, two passengers got through a secure doorway on to the plane. they were confused about where they needed to go. as a precaution another plane was brought in to take the travelers to their destination. attorney general kathleen kane will learn her fate tomorrow when she is sentenced in a montgomery county courtroom. kane could get 24 hours behind bars on perjury and object --
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obstruction. prosecutors want at least two years in prison. her lawyers want house arrest. people in south jersey did their part to conquer juvenile diabetes. our own karen rogers emceed the event. she has a daughter who has juvenile diabetes. the money will fund research to help eradicate the disease. isis flyers are fleeing mosul and trying to invade another iraqi city. meteorologist chris sowers will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> overseas kurdish forces have opened two fronts against isis in the battle to retake mosul. it comes always defense secretary ash carter arrived in iraq to get a firsthand look at the iraqi u.s. offensive. this close circuit video shows them entering intokuit. they were told and killed. it's winds out there. >> reporter: but the sun is shining, as we look at the commodor barry bridge all better that yesterday, all that cloud
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cover and the rain. we're seeing peeks of sunshine and temperatures are much more warmer. double scan live we'll keep it that way for the remainder of the afternoon. maybe a spotty shower up here tomorrow morning. most of us stay dry for the upcoming would come week. point, 39. pressure is rising, ocean temperature, 63 degrees. most locations 69 to 51 degrees, unform numbers that's thanks to a westerly breeze. you can see the arrows, it's a due west wind that down slopes off the appalachians that helps to warm things up. it's a nice day, winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. that puts a little bit of a chill in the air this afternoon, but not too terribly bad. satellite and radar there's yesterday's storm pulling away and moving to the north an backing more toward the west.
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that will keep the wind going at least for the next couple of days. it will keep the weather dry, but we'll continue to see winds at least through tuesday afternoon. wednesday things start to calm down. clipper system will bring the spotty shower to the lehigh valley and the poconos, it will pass on by quickly. once it comes and goes, there's nothing going on. it's dry through thursday afternoon that's when the next weather maker arrives. you will see that reflected in the seven day in a minute. warm out there today, temperatures in the 60s. there goes the clipper. we'll see cloud cover tomorrow morning and skies clearing by tomorrow afternoon. it's breezy, but tomorrow is not a bad day, just like stowed, -- today, the cold front brings a midweek chill that will do a number on the temperatures. later this afternoon, combination of sun and clouds, overnight tonight increasing clouds north and west. there's the spotty shower right there, this is 5:30 a.m., that
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comes and go within an hour or so. most of tomorrow partly sunny or clouds and sun, something like that it's a nice day. temperatures behind the front. watch what happens this is tuesday, these are morning lows, mid to upper 30s north and west, philadelphia, 40 degrees, trenton, 37. that's tuesday morning, watch wednesday morning, we get cold air driving in here, overnights lows are below freezing north and west, 35 in philadelphia. trenton, 33. millville. 34. poconos upper 20s. get ready for that. sun and clouds, winds, 6 had -- 64 degrees, that's the forecasted high it will feel like the 50s sustained out of the west 25 miles per hour. 1:00 p.m., 60 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 63 degrees, 5:00 p.m., 63 degrees. overnight tonight, cloudy and chilly, 44 degrees, outlying suburbs, 52 for center city. the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast here comes the cold shot. 64 today, 63 tomorrow, almost a repeat performance here. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, highs only in the mid 50s. overnight lows in the 30s in the city, below freezing in the outlying suburbs. thursday, clouding up, maybe rain late in the day. chilly, the high 58. we get into friday and saturday start to clear out a little bit, 63 on friday, saturday, mostly cloudy, 65 degrees. looking at the long range, halloween doesn't look good, looks kind of wet and temperatures in the upper 50s, hopefully that will change. >> it is time of year for corn mazes, yesterday we told you about one in northern california can feel with a peanut scene. now comes word nearly 90 have popped up around the country in tribute to it's the great pumpkin charlie brown. check it out at pumpkin corn
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welcome back on this sunday, it is 12, 21, 59 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a "live" with kelly and michael at philadelphia international airport. you should not have any issues with traveling today. wednesday it's going to be 55 degrees. the los angeles county coroner said the trip to a chiropractor led to the death of a former model. she tweeted she pinchedz -- pinched a nerve in her neck and was having it adjusted.
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the manipulation tore a neck artery leading to a deadly stroke. doctors say it's very rare. >> it should make us step back and ask questions to our doctors what are the risks to all the procedures and things we're getting done. >> the coroner said most of the time when a person suffers an injury like that it is due to a preexisting condition that makes a patient more vulnerable. penn researchers have an explanation for the opioid crisis parents neglecting children. the faces cause parenting instincts to kick in. once a abusers start treatment with a opioid blocking medication they had better response to the pictures of little babies. there's a link between liquor sales and violence.
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after washington state private advertised liquor licenses, they increased fistfights and attacks with weapons up 50%. the directional team said states -- drexel teams said states considering privatizing lick sales should be careful. >> it's a happy sunday in happy valley after the nittany lions deal a shocking upset to ohio state. we'll hear from the coach when we come right back. nsylvania.
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"new fallout for donald trump..." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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vo: donald trump and pat toomey anhave plenty in common --. they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women. glad glad, they peard through the night in -- partied through
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the night in chicago for good reason, the cubs are heading to the world series for the first time since 1945. they tacked on 3 runs in the 5-0 victory over the dodgers. fans celebrated at wrigley stadium and across town. the cubs take on another team trying to end a world series drought, the cleveland indians who are making their first appearance since 1945. >> sam bradford, the eagles starting quarterback for a week before the nfl season kicked off, is returning this afternoon in a vikings uniform. the vikings are the only undefeated team in the nfl. carson wentz will be out to blunt their perfect record this afternoon. kickoff is a half-hour from now. >> penn state fans sill
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celebrating their biggest win in a decade. 24-21 shocker over number two ranked ohio state. with four minutes left in the game, brandt haley took a blocked field goal 06 yards to score a touchdown. penn state was down 14 points. head coach said the team and school vfd a lot to -- have had a lot of to overcome since the jerry sandusky scandal. >> this is a big step in terms of healing. >> ohio state has won 20 road games in a row before last night's loss at beaver stadium in front of a crowd of 107,000. >> impressive weekend for sports. >> 12:27, another half-hour of "action news" is straight ahead. >> a person crossing a chester county road is hit by a car this morning and in the hospital.
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>> and she cannot see what she is reading, but a young girl is fighting to get her books, we'll explain. those stories and and the exclue accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues. election is so much bigger
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than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> happening right now on "action news," dr. jill biden, wife of the vice president is making a campaign swing through philadelphia for hillary clinton. and the hunlt continues for
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a rapper -- hunt continues for a rapper and entourage after a deadly shooting yesterday. >> at&t and time warner could become a bigger force with plans of a merger. >> let's go outside to chris sowers it is 12:30 p.m., we need the jacket out there. >> reporter: i step back i'm chilly. i step forward i'm warm. it's thanks to the breeze had we not had the wind it will feel wonderful. it's all about the wind today. we're seeing gusts as high as 30, 35 miles per hour. that makes it feel chilly. saint davids 58. center city, 59. same number for levittown. chester, 58 degrees. oxford, 60. glassboro, 58. vineland, 61. gandys beach looks like you're the warm spot, 65 with a little bit of sunshine. smyrna and dover, 61. sea isle city, 61.
12:31 pm
on the boards in atlantic city. 60 degrees, satellite and radar pretty much what you're seeing out your window right now you'll see that throughout the day. combination of sun and clouds, a gusty breeze and fairly mild temperatures. as a matter of fact that's the call from accuweather. sun and clouds, 64 degrees today. it will be on the breezy side. the wind will make it feel like the 50s at times. but at least temperatures wise we're back in the 06 rest where we shall be for this time of the year. the midweek chill is on the way. a clipper system will come rolling through here monday night. that will set up a fairly chilly stretch of weather, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the coldest air of the season. patchy frost is on the way, some areas drop below freezing. when i come back i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you so much for the update. turning our attention to the big story on "action news" at noon, a visit by dr. jill biden, the wife of joe biden. and ann hotten -- holten, the
12:32 pm
wife of tim kaine. bob brooks has more at the philadelphia community college. bob i imagine big crowds will be out there today. >> reporter: the crowd not as big as last night. we had about 8,000 attendees at the u-penn rally where hillary clinton spoke. this is the second day of the clinton campaign straight in philadelphia. hillary clinton and tim kaine made their stop in penn park talking about their slogan stronger together sending that message. there are not that many people here as penn last night. but very passion. >> women's right to choose, equal pay in the workplace. you know the whole package. >> i'm concerned about the rhetoric that's used in this election, i think more people
12:33 pm
should be concerned about who is going to be the next president because it's going to impact our future. >> okay, the two women we are hearing just took the stage at this rally, we are going to run inside and check that out. an update from the abc news poll. hillary clinton is leading trump by 12 points. reporting live in spring garden, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> more than five million americans have cast their ballots in states that allow early voting. 62,000 residents in new mexico voted by mail or in person in the first nine days. in three key counties, 11% of those registered have voted. officials are not sure if that's a sign of higher turnout or taking advantage of early voting. yesterday it was the first day of early voting in nevada.
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ger trued was --e is voting. she said she cast her ballot for hillary clinton. >> an average citizen jumped into action to save a woman trapped in her burning car after an accident in west philadelphia. police say at about 6:45 a.m., a cadillac esclade speeding through the intersection of 53rd an chestnut shammed into the woman's car. her car hit a utility pole and burst into flames. a passer by ran to the car and pulled the woman out. she and the cadillac driver are in the hospital in stable condition. one person was hit trying to cross a chester county road. the action cam at the scene west chester pike and hallow road in east goshen township. there's no word on the victim's injuries. police have not released the
12:35 pm
person's name and have not said if charges will be filed. a teenager is in custody in connection with the shooting of a man in rittenhouse square. the 17-year-old turned himself in with his father by his side yesterday morning. he is accused in the shooting of a 39-year-old man who tried to stop the teen and another man from robbing someone in the park on tuesday night. the man who tried to stop the incident is seriously hurt, but expected to recover. philadelphia police search for a local rapper and his entourage in connection with the deadly shooting in the powellton section of the city. a shooting outside a bar killed a 19-year-old man. a fight broke out between the crew of a philadelphia rapper pnb meen and swells. someone else. the vitamin died after getting shot once in the chest. >> it's an isolated incident because of a party that might
12:36 pm
have been going on in there. i love the neighborhood. >> witnesses have told investigators the men got away in a black bmw. anyone with information is asked to contact police. a man who said he feels kicked by a police officer in allentown is suing the city and the police department. hector pena said the officers violated his civil rights by using excessive force during 2015 incident. alan town police chief said he was pulled over because he matched the descrichtion of -- description of a burglary suspect and refuse to comply with police. he was arrested and pleaded guilty to robbery. ride sharing services face the final hurdle before getting a permit to operate in philadelphia. the senate is expected to vote on the bill that passed the house last week. under the bill the companies would pay 1.4% tax divided between the school district and
12:37 pm
the city. governor wolf supports ride sharing companies to operate in the state. >> brigette kelly will testify tomorrow in the so-called bridgegate scandal trial. kelly who was an aide to new jersey governor chris christie gave tearful testimony in her own defense on friday. she said christy knew about the lane closures nearly a month before they began. chris christie said he knew nothing about the alleged plot. kelly faces federal criminal charges. prince albert of monaco will be in philadelphia after he bought the east falls home where his mother grew up. it's where grace kelly lived. kelly's son bought the 6 bedroom home for $750,000. the prince will be here on tuesday while he considers plans for the home which could include a museum. a mega merger is in the works, but sealing the deem may not be ease -- sealing the deal
12:38 pm
may not be easy. at&t will be buying time warner. federal regulators have to sign off on the deal and gop presidential nominee donald trump said he would kill the deal as president because it puts too much power in the hands of a few. apple is getting ready to refresh it's mac computers. the invitation says hello again. it may be a nod to the 1984 launch when the computer company introduced itself with hello. no one knows what's ahead. the buzz is there and it will be a lighter faster mac book pro laptop. employees of delta airline will have a new look. they have unveiled a new set of
12:39 pm
uniforms designed for the 60,000 flight attendants and state agents. there's passport plumb and skyline slate. they will test the uniforms in december with the 59,000 others getting the new uniforms in 2018. >> looks sharp. >> new colors. >> much more to come on "action news" this sunday. like it or not, winter has arrived in one part of the u.s. and the kids could not be happier. >> and the philadelphia ballet shakes up classic dance again, we'll have their latest offering in 6abc loves the arts. let's take you live outside right now, sky6 live hd giving you this look here, and meteorologist chris sowers says hey it's chilly. the 80s they are out of here. his forecast after the break. the hunt continues in oregon
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for a woman lost. donna smith was last seen last sunday. her car was found a day later. friend say she was an avid hiker anxious to try out her new backpack and tent. students in anchorage alaska got their first snow day. chris is applauding. >> get that video out of here. >> reporter: after last week's 80s i'm ready for that. it's almost halloween and all the trees are green. we'll get you outside. there's the view as we look at cape may live on sky6 live hd. it's a nice day out there, temperatures are warmer, we've climbed into the 60s and you have a decent amount of sunshine in parts of the area. that's making it feel pretty
12:43 pm
nice. double scan live is clear. no rain issues expected out there today. maybe a brief passing shower overnight tonight in the lehigh valley and the poconos. 64 degrees, that's where we should be for this time of the year. 47 degrees is where we should be this morning. right on par. 61 to the south. 49 in the poconos, 59 in beach havens. a wide swing in temperatures. lots of clouds in place, up in the poconos. what we're seeing as this storm departments or slowly drifts off to the northwest we're seeing the winds wrap in on the backside, that's why it's so gusty out there. we're seeing this, storm system right here, this is called a clipper. i'm going to go wider in just a second. that's going to pull in tonight. it will come in underneath the low always the backs towards the west. it will come with winds tuesday
12:44 pm
afternoon and wednesday. here's the storm system number one, going like this. here comes storm system number two going like that. that means lots of winds across the delaware and the lehigh valleys over the next 2 to 3 days. behind that system this is the air mass that's heading this way. don't worry about the purple that will stay to the north. this right here, the 20s and 30s through the provinces of canada, that swings in behind that system arriving monday night into tuesday morning. that will set up three very chilly days in the delaware and the lehigh valleys. morning lows, below freezing north and west. millville, 34. look at the poconos, 29. as we get into, well, looks like that disappeared there, i was going to say as we get into wednesday morning, it gets colder. looks like we were missing data there with overnight lows in the up he were 20s low 30s north and west. maybe a few degrees colder in the city.
12:45 pm
35. chilly stuff on the way. mid 60s for everybody today, sun and clouds, it will be breezy, so the 60s will feel like the 50s. 4:00 p.m., 64. 6:00 p.m., 62. after sunset the numbers dip, 57 sun and clouds we'll call it windy. overnight tonight, chilly, not as cold as what we saw this morning. 40s north and west. close to 50 in millville. dover, 54. cape may, 57. on the boards in atlantic city, same thing partly cloudy and cool, 57 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, here comes the chilly weather it arrives monday night into tuesday morning. lots of sun on tuesday, breezy, highs around 57, now, remember that's the normal. 7 degrees below average, wednesday it's a struggle to reach 55. look at the morning lows. thursday, cloudy, rain arriving late, 58. friday we start to clear, 63. saturday looks good, 65.
12:46 pm
>> thank you for the update. stay on top of the ups and downs of fall weather, check the seven-day forecast and storm tracker 6 live at any time of the day right there on our website big changes are in the works for detroit's motown museum. it's about to undergo a 50 million-dollar expansion. it will expand into a 50,000 square foot felt, there will be recording studios and retail and more. the pennsylvania ballet presented revolutionary works and it is pushing boundaries again with a show named appropriately revolution. karen rogers has more in this week's 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: revolution is the name of the program and audiences are told to expect the unexpected with a triple bill that includes a world premier of
12:47 pm
dance theater with gymnastics. >> i'm excited about this. >> reporter: philadelphia based choreograph brian sanders will debut his newest work. it is known internationally for being edgy and inventive. >> he will put the dancers flying off the floor and hanging from the ceiling. the kind of choreography we are going for we want the people to be blown away. >> reporter: the program features square dance. >> it's a very demanding very difficult ballet to do very fast and precise with the feet and the legs. >> reporter: dances will stage the third light. >> it's a combination of music light and choreography. they are set and the light changes throughout the whole piece. it makes the whole piece
12:48 pm
magical. >> reporter: the pennsylvania ballet performs revolution november 10th to the 13th at the miriam theater. go to the arts for -- loves the arts for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. so glad you stayed with us,
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it is 12:50, 59 degrees out there. sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse over a cloudy ben franklin bridge there. meteorologist chris sowers says you may need the heat tonight. it's been a mixed week for astronomers studying mars. the red planet returned to gold in the images right here. ultraviolet glow shows how the wind circulate and the white image also show clouds forming over martian volcanos, the probe
12:51 pm
failed and was destroyed. a vietnam veteran's camera who was stolen 50 years ago was returned thanks to a stranger. he bought it at an auction, he saw his name and decided to look him up. henry thought he would never see the camera again, he said he will keep it for a while and pass it along to his grandchildren. >> battle is underway in kansas between a school district and young student. the student won awards for her reading in brail, but now the school won't give her the books to continue her learning. jessica mcmaster has more. >> reporter: at first glance she looks like a typical 4th grader, only she walks with a
12:52 pm
cane. she wants what most take for granted. >> i can't see like most people. prior to kindergarten, they sat down with the district where they agreed with an individualized education plan. brook is standings before the board fighting foreeducation. >> this year you decided not to provide me with brail books. >> reporter: stephen roberts there to talk about the budget decided to use his three minutes to advocate for brooks. >> for students who want an education we should go the extra mile. he said schools need to focus lesson the rules and more on the individuals. >> she wants an opportunity. her opportunities are going to be a little bit more expensive than the average kids. >> reporter: the school district
12:53 pm
has state and federal funds to go toward children like brook who live in the district, but attend a private school. while they are not required to pay for the materials. >> she is already independent because we have picked up where you failed her. >> first responders hit the ice to raise money for one of their own. the atlantic city guns and hoses teams took on the blue knights of the camden county police department. proceeds benefits josh vadell and his family. the family was at the game. he was shot responding to a robbery outside a casino in september. he is recovering at a rehab center. an event included a silent auction and raffle and live music.
12:54 pm
than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
"action news," following last night's hillary clinton and tim kaine rally at the university of pennsylvania. his wife and jill biden are campaigning in philadelphia today. a woman is in critical condition after firefighters pulled her out of her burning home in the port richmond section of philadelphia. she has serious burns over much of her body. the house did not have any working smoke alarms. two pets were rescued and expected to be okay. the eagles get back on the win be track this afternoon by beating their former starting quarterback. sam bradford now plays for the minnesota vikings. the only unbeaten team left in
12:57 pm
the nfl. the game starts at the linc in just a few minutes. time for the final forecast. if you were like chris sowers they will not turn the heat on tonight. >> reporter: in the in effect couple of days you will have to turn the heat on. i'm not allowed to turn the heat on until november 1 that's the rule in the house. 64, sun and clouds and breezy. tomorrow, 63 sun and clouds and breezy. tuesday night into wednesday morning, wednesday night into thursday morning, we start to get the colder air in here, overnight lows dropping below the freezing mark. >> heaters. finally at noon we've been to haunted houses and amusement parks, but how about a creepy car wash. the shine express in arlington texas is filled with skeletons and smoke machines and a whole
12:58 pm
lot more. drivers saying going through the dark tunnel is scary enough. some parents come and bring their kids just for the haunting boo. >> that would freak me out. "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. >> "action news" continues later tonight at 6:00 p.m. now for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday! we'll see you back here next weekend! katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
12:59 pm
vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common -- they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
1:00 pm
and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >>it is the best of philly! nats bop party >>philadelphia magazine's annual roundup of the best our city and region have to offer.from intero sandwiches, snacks and booze. nats fitness. >>the best in fitness, fashion, and fun. are celebrating the wi. nats >>and helping you draw up that bucket list. hi everybody and welcome to our special fyi philly best of philly. we are at pucci mannuli in ardmore ranked by philadelphia magazine as the best toy store and for good reason, there are some amazing hand made products here. the kind of toys that last generations. it is one of about 300 best of philly winners, this year. and we're going to celebrate as many as we can squeeze in to the next half hour. so let's getta


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